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Jon Sargissons Gallery

This site showcases the photo's I have taken and that I would like to share with you. My work is mainly Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape photography which has been taken throughout the United Kingdom.

Each photograph shows a moment in time, which sometimes have taken months to capture the right lighting conditions (chasing the light) which produce magical, tranquillity, excitement, wonder and beauty of our surroundings. These moments take my breath away and give me even more inspiration to get out there and capture more Special moments in time.

I also work in other area of photography such as Commercial, Event, Portrait and Wedding Photography and provide a Professional Service at competitive rates.

Please feel free to view my site and don't forget to check back frequently for updated images and print sale offers.





Latest Uploads
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Mam Tor Sunrise


Latest Autumn Images
16th October 2012
Just upload my latest images which can be found in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas of the landscape portfolio.

The images show the wonderful colours and weather the Autumn months produces.
Moved to Derbyshire
14th September 2012
Just uploaded some images taken in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire since i have moved to the area.
Please have a look at the latest images from Mam Tor in the Peak District National Park, i was treated to a cloud inversions at sunrise across the Hope Valley with the peaks of the Great Ridge popping through.
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Landscapes, Seascapes & Cityscapes
Landscapes, Seascapes & Cityscapes
This web portfolio is made up from images of coastal and landscape photography taken from around the UK and Cityscape and Urban Architecture photography from within the Towns and cities within these Shire's
This web portfolio is made up from images of Nature, From the wild and free animals and planets that roam our countryside to the captive animals that are looked after at farms and Zoo's and the home grown Plants and flowers that blossom in our own back yard.
Transport & Sport
Transport & Sport
This web Portfolio is a collection of active sports photography, featuring images from Motorsport, Watersport and other sports like running and cycling.
Also images of the machines, the machines that transport us or aid us to live our life
Still Life & Wall Art
This web portfolio is made up of images from wall art and still life photographs